Conference grants

Thanks to support from the Danish Union of Journalists and the Norwegian Union of Journalists Play the Game offers a limited number of conference grants for media professionals from less privileged countries.

Due to generous contributions from Danish sports organisations, people from other walks of life such as academic researchers may also be considered for support.

Subsidies primarily go to people from developing countries, but applicants from other countries outside the EU may also be considered.

A conference grant consists of the full or partial financing of:

  • Full conference package including lunch and dinner, social events, conference materials etc.
  • Accommodation in two-bedded rooms at hotels or hostels within walking distance from the conference venue

Grant holders cannot bring accompanying persons, and travel should be organised and paid for by applicants themselves. In exceptional cases, travel costs can be covered fully or partially, but applicants with possibility of funding their own travel will have priority.

Play the Game is not able to take any responsibility, whatsoever, for injury or damage to persons or property during the conference. The organisers recommend that the participants insure themselves and their property for the duration of the conference.

Application procedures and application form
The secretariat of Play the Game will consider grant applications in due time before the event, taking into consideration one or more of the following criteria:

  • That the applicant plays an active role in the sports debate in his or her home country and can prove a long-term interest in the conference themes
  • That the applicant can add value to Play the Game’s agenda by reporting on conference issues to national media, by presenting papers during the conference, by taking part in panel discussions, by contributing to Play the Game’s own news production or in other ways
  • That the applicant is able to cover the total travel costs
  • That the total selection of grant holders represents a mix of earlier participants and newcomers
  • That a fair distribution of grants is achieved with respect to gender, age, geographical origin, function in the public sports debate etc.

Visa procedures
If your application is approved, we will send you an official invitation.

Due to visa restrictions, we only issue invitation letters when each participant has presented convincing documentation that the conference is relevant for his or her professional or organisational activities.

Visa to Denmark
You must start your visa application procedures without delay. If visa application is submitted later than 15 May, Play the Game reserves the right to cancel the grant.

Information about getting a visa to Denmark

Documents and deadline
If you want to apply for a conference grant you must fill in the grant application.

We also advise you to upload the following documents (max 5 documents):

  • Recommendations
  • A resumé or copies of published articles or other relevant documentation of your contributions to the sports debate
  • Convincing documentation that the conference is relevant for your professional or organisational activities

Deadline for grant application and uploading of documents is 18 April 2022 15:00 CET.

Only applications following the described procedures will be taken into consideration.

For further information please contact:

Conference manager Maria Suurballe
mobile: +45 20 20 68 38

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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