Accepted abstracts

Here, you can find a list of all abstracts presented at Play the Game 2015

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  • Served his Time? The Ched Evans Dilemma, Marcus Hoy

  • Football’s Wild West - the commercialisation and corruption of the preseason
    friendly, Steve Menary

  • Forever Pure, Geoff Arboune

  • Sport as a way of life! A thick description of athletes‘ everyday lives, sports, performance enhancement and the assessment of doping, Nils Zurawski, Marcel Scharf

  • A fair share?, Rob Steen

  • Understanding the threat to the integrity of sport in Australia - how
    Australia developed a comprehensive understanding of the threats to the
    integrity of Australian Sport, Damian Voltz

  • Sport, play and exercise for all? Increasing physical activity of
    adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Edoardo Rosso

  • Spectator no more: a call to action for spectators when the stakes are so
    high, Elizabeth Martin

  • Checking the Arbitrary Power of the Medical Commissions over
    Eligibility: The lessons from Dutee Chand, Katrina Karkazis (corresp.), Bruce Kidd, Payoshni Mitra

  • Making Sense of the NCAA as a Governance Problem, Roger Pielke

  • Eyes Wide Shut: A Case Study in the Prevalence of Performance
    Enhancing Drug Use in Age Group Ironman Triathletes, John Young

  • Critical Sports Journalism? Reporting Sports Governing Bodies In The
    English Press, John Doyle

  • Trustworthiness of high-performance sports and the fight against doping
    from the athlete’s point of view, Daniel Westmattelmann, Katharina Pöppel, Dennis Dreiskämper, Gerhard Schewe, Bernd Strauß

  • Women’s Involvement in Sports as A Cure to Match-fixing and Corruption, Hande Öztürk

  • Creating Of An Effective Sports Governing Body In The Russian
    Federation, Sergey Yurlov

  • Professional Certification:  An Innovative Approach to Anti-Doping, Steve Maxwell, Joe Harris

  • Deconstructing Olympism, Johan Ekberg

  • London 2012 and the mass participation legacy: Examining the reasons
    for policy failure, Spencer Harris

  • Does the FIFA World Cup boost the economy?, Matthias Fett

  • Children’s Rights and Major Sports Events: Opportunities and Risks, Suzanne Dowse, Sacha Powell, Mike Weed

  • Gurus - the willing helpers of the hunt for medals, Gerhard Treutlein

  • Mega Sporting Events and Children Rights: The Variety of Media Coverage in 2014 in 12 countries, Till Müller-Schoell, Louis Moustakas

  • University sport: An inhibitor or facilitator of doping prevention?, Kelsey Erickson, Sue Backhouse, Dave Carless

  • A qualitative examination of athletes' willingness to dope: a choice or
    imperative?, Lisa Whitaker (corresp), Sue Backhouse, Jonathan Long

  • The Permeable Fortress. Protests, Policing and the Visibility of Security at the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Dennis Pauschinger

  • Doper’s Purgatory: What is a race director’s responsibility when convicted
    drug cheats return to run?, Myles Schrag

  • Criminalizing athletes: Can criminal law help to ban doping from sport?, Lars Mortsiefer

  • Changing the Game for Major Sporting Events, Liz Twyford

  • Game On: Can Qatar Deliver a Game Winning 2022 FIFA World Cup
    Hosting Performance?, Susan Dun

  • CONMEBOL, GALEANO AND THE FBI, Ezequiel Fernandez Moores

  • The use of global sport events as a soft power resource, Andy Stevens

  • Fighting Corruption in Sport:  does the Sports Integrity Industry have an
    'integrity deficit'?, Simon Gardiner

  • The local operating of a global (European) football actor in Ghana – Using
    the example of the football academy Red Bull Ghana, Martin Kainz

  • The International Sport Regime: A Reconsideration of International Sport’s Political Status, Scott Jedlicka

  • A European Perspective on the Current Issues of Intercollegiate Athletics, Benjamin Bendrich

  • No Contest: The Human Right of Access to Effective Remedy Supersedes FIFA’s Ban on ‘Recourse to Ordinary Courts’, Gigi Alfort

  • Global Sports Political Power Index – who is the most influential sports
    nation in the world, Poul Broberg (corresp), Lasse Lyck

  • Disciplinary proceedings concerning Athlete Support Personnel, Herman Ram

  • Compliance of the National Sport Federations within Legal System in Montenegro, Marko Bekovic

  • Football tournaments - The battle for the revenues, Harry Solberg

  • What is Football For?: On the Unknown Knowns of World Football, Tim Walters

  • World Football in the Twenty-First Century: A Manifesto, Tim Walters

  • Olympic Agenda 20 + 20: Will the reforms increase women’s participation?, Peter Donnelly (corresp), Michele Donnelly

  • Favelas in Pre-Olympic Rio de Janeiro: Renewal or Removal?, Juliana Barbassa

  • Sport mega events and the attitude towards government - the perception of Rio de Janeiros forced evicted, Claudia Sanen

  • Alternative Models of Sport Development in America Outside of the
    Educational System--Can it work to Prevent an Educational Crisis?, Bradley Ridpath

  • Baku 2015: a failed attempt at "sportswashing" Azerbaijan's image, Rebecca Vincent (corresp), Gulnara Akhundova

  • Playing the other. African footballers, racism and self-charismatization in
    German professional football, Christian Ungruhe


  • The Austrian approach: How to combat match-fixing and promote
    integrity in sport, Severin Moritzer

  • A moral reform with an appetite for destruction, Rasmus Møller

  • Viktor Troicki vs the International Tennis Federation: Mental Health, Disability Rights, and Anti-Doping Efforts, Ana Mitric

  • FIFA: How Havelange got it, Anibal Chaim



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