What they thought 2000

Some comments from participants and speakers in 2000:

  • "This has been the most important sports conference I have ever attended. It was highly impressive to see people like Dick Pound, Sandro Donati and Andrew Jennings all gathered together under one roof.
    I was thoroughly impressed".

    John Hoberman, author and Professor of Germanic Studies, University of Texas

  • "I was extremely grateful for this chance to take part in a very, very important conference full of relevant subject matter. It really opened my eyes to many problems in sport. At the same time, it was a chance to meet new friends from different countries across the world, and learn much. For this I thank you".

    Sophia Kudjordji, Ghana News Agency

  • "In my opinion, the conference has been a resounding success. The great value has been the fact that journalists from all continents have been able to share their expertise, creating a unique opportunity for co-operation between different continents and cultures. To sit down with journalists from Africa for example, has been highly enlightening. We know one half of the story - they know the other half".

    Andrew Jennings, journalist and author

  • "I hope the world in general will take note of what has been said here. It was very interesting and very revealing. We are presented with very factual issues. The corruption that exists is frightening and shocking. To think that the people we entrust with running our associations can be so corrupt. I am glad that questions are being asked".

    Carole Garoes, President of African Women in Sport

  • "This conference was extremely useful. It was particularly enlightening to hear the views and experiences of sports journalists and administrators from across the world".

    David Conn, journalist and author

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