Speakers and headlines

Below you find a list the main speakers and their subjects at Play the game 2000 (ordered alphabetically by author's first name).

Freedom of expression under threat
Aidan White, Secretary General of the International Federation of Journalists

Why diversity must beat monopoly
Anders Bülow, President, International Sport and Culture Association

After the war: Building bridges with a football
Anders Levinsen, Manager, Open Fun Football Schools

Organised crime and the Olympics
Andrew Jennings, Journalist and author

Gene doping: Science fiction or impending reality?
Bengt Saltin, Professor, Director of the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre

Internet & The Sports Business
Benny Peiser, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Sport Sociology

Sport: For Men Only
Carole Garoes, President of African Women in Sport Association

English football: Financial Exploitation of “The People’s Game”
David Conn, Football columnist at "The Independent" and author of "The Football Business"

WADA: New Horizons or Deja Vue?
Richard W. Pound, President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), member of IOC

The exploitation of Kenyan athletes
Elias Makori, sports editor, The Nation, Nairobi

Sports leaders: The arrogance of power
Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Danish Minister of Culture

Who should be in charge of sports development?
Fékrou Kidane, Secretary, International Olympic Truce Foundation

Why we need Olympic reform
Gerhard Heiberg, IOC-member, former head of the Lillehammer Games

Facing danger, fighting for fair play
Gilles E. Neron, President, GEN Communication and Marketing

The quest for personal and national identity
Henning Eichberg, Dr. Phil., Sports Research

The media: Victims of passive doping
Jens Sejer Andersen, Coordinator, Sports Intelligence Unit, editor-in-chief

Darwin’s athletes
John Hoberman, Professor of Sports Studies, University of Texas

Playing the Game Fairly - lessons from the Sydney Olympics and anti-doping
John Mendoza, General Manager of Australian Sports Drug Agency

Athletes: At risk of eating disorders
Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen, University of Sport and Physical Education

Sports before sport - and after
Jørn Møller, PhD, Sports Research, Research Institute of Sport, Body and Culture

Western children: fitness in decline?
Karsten Froberg and Lars Bo Andersen, Assoc. professors at  the University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen University, respectively.

What multinational sponsors want from their partners
Keld Strudahl, Sponsorship director, Carlsberg Breweries

Fans: Aint nobody's business...
Malcolm Clarke, President of Football Supporters Association, UK

Using sport in national development
Mike Boit, Former middle-distance running champion, Director of Physical Education, Kenyatta University

Social responsibility in the hunt for African soccer talent
Niels-Christian Holmstrøm, Sports Director, FC Copenhagen

Seeking truth in waste baskets
Olav Skaaning Andersen and Niels Christian Jung, TV reporters at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, producers of award-winning "The price of silence" on doping in cycling

IOC in the fight against doping
Patrick Schamasch, Medical Director of IOC

The future of sports journalism on the Internet
Pete Clifton, Head of BBC Sport Online

Anti-doping:The fraud behind the stage
Sandro Donati, Anti-doping expert

The bidding game
Stefan Kürten, Vice Controller of Sports in ZDF and representative of EBU

Sport in national development strategies
Terry Monnington, Director of Physical Education and Sport, University of Warwick

Politics and corruption in FIFA
Thomas Kistner, Sports editor at Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Jens Weinreich, Sports editor at Berliner Zeitung

Body & Being: Before The Wall
Torben Ulrich, Poet, painter, film maker and tennis player

Sport as a local development factor
Usman Yakubu, Sports and culture entrepreneur

Hysteria and hypocrisy in the doping debate
Verner Møller, PhD, Institute of Sports Science, Odense

Professional sport in transition
Wladimir Andreff, Professor of Economy, Paris-Sorbonne

Sport in economic development
Wladimir Andreff, Professor of Economy, Paris-Sorbonne

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