The fight for women ski jumpers' inclusion continues


By Stine Alvad
A petition urging Olympic sponsors to take a stand against women discrimination continues the fight for inclusion of a women’s ski jump event on the programme at the Vancouver 2010 Games.

In the run up to the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver next year, a group of women ski jumpers has been fighting hard to get inclusion in the Games. November 13 the B.C. Court of Appeal turned down their appeal. The court ruled that the decision whether a women’s ski jump event should be included at the 2010 Games, was in the hands of the IOC, even though the court found the decision to be discriminatory against women

Now the women ski jumpers are getting support from the Vancouver City Council. Councillor Ellen Woodsworth, a supporter of the women’s fight for inclusion fight has sent a letter to the CEOs of the Olympic sponsors of the Winter Games 2010, hoping to get them to press the IOC into reconsidering their decision and letting the women jump.

“We ask you to approach the IOC to request that women be allowed to participate as equals in all Olympic events”, the letter reads. “We request that you act quickly to help redress this discrimination, which contravenes international human rights law, Canadian law and City of Vancouver policy by discriminating against women -- who make up over 50 per cent of your consumer base.”

“We urge you to communicate forthrightly with the IOC and make clear that you cannot support discrimination against women under your corporate sponsorship,” the letter concludes.

The letter has been sent in the form of a petition and is signed by Vancouver City Councillors Ellen Woodsworth and David Cadman and so far they have been joined by 84 supporters.


To read the petition in full, click here (external link)
You can also sign the petition through this link.


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