On demand video and audio

Here you can find on demand recordings from most sessions at Play the Game 2019. Some videos will be avaliable as soon as possible after the sessions, while other videos will be uploaded after the conference along with the audio recordings.

Sunday 13 October 2019 - opening day

2 PM: Opening session: Athlete power on the rise

Carl Holst: Words of welcome
Venkat Reddy: Words of welcome
Jens Sejer Andersen: Welcome to Play the Game 2019: Athlete power on the rise
Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanov: Blowing the whistle on doping: Five years later
David Howman: Sports Integrity: A blindfold approach vs. a practical eye

4 PM: Advancing athlete power: Activism, committees, unions?

Han Xiao: Failures to communicate: Bridging the gap between athlete advocates and sport organizations
Emma Terho:
James Tomkins:
Moritz Geisreiter: Giving German athletes an independent voice
Brendan Schwab: The essentials of collective player representation
Rob Koehler: Athletes working together for enhanced rights
Ashley Labrie:

5.15 PM: Safe sport: End game for abusers?

Nancy Hogshead-Makar: An athlete's right to be free of sexual abuse: New responsibilities and ongoing challenges
Ju'Riese Colon: Changing the game for athletes: Trends, reports, and the goal of ending abuse
Marci Hamilton: The game over commission to protect youth athletes and child sex abuse workers
Per Nylykke: Children's certificates: Does it work?

8 PM: The Semenya case: What it means to athletes 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Roger Pielke: Four (Should Be) Fatal Flaws in the IAAF Semenya Regulation
Madeleine Pape: Making sense of a Divided Sport: A View from the Track and the Field
Andy Brown: How the IAAF framed the debate to defeat Caster Semenya’s challenge to the DSD Regulations

8 PM: International federations: Better governance & dirty tricks

Christina Friis Johansen: Sports Governance Observer: Fresh results from six Olympic federations 
Ivan Miljkovic: Stakeholders’ position in volleyball in Europe
Jakob Færch: Dirty tricks: How some sports federations try to stay attractive for the Olympics 
Mike McNamee: Inspiring ice hockey reform 
Alex Phillips: Can football better structure its co-operation with authorities?
Sarah Lewis

Monday 14 October 2019

9 AM: Governance reformers vs. Olympic crime: Who's on top?

Audio from the session

Jens Weinreich: When the handcuffs click: Why governments must combat Olympic crime
Evan Norris: Sports governance in an era of global anticorruption enforcement
Richard W. Pound: Good governance: The new sport mantra
Sarah Lewis: Sport and Governments tackling Corruption and Promoting Good Governance together
David Howman: Panellist
Linda Helleland: 
Jesper Møller: Governance in football: Important steps towards a more transparent sport

11.50 AM: Who has the right to stand up for athlete voices?

Audio from the session

Ashley Labrie: Panellist
Paul Marsh: Panellist
Han Xiao: Panellist
Beckie Scott: Panellist

11.50 AM: New steps in the governance of anti-doping

Video begins in the middle of Andrea Gotzmann's presentation.

Andrea Gotzmann: "Operation Aderlass”: Legislation as a cornerstone of anti-doping
Peter Mattsson: The path to doping free sport – is an anti-doping organisation independent of sport the best choice? 
Faraz Shahlaei: 

11.50 AM: Under the radar: Gender and body perspectives

Audio from the session

Roxane Coche: Dare to Dream? Examining major event organizers’ venue decisions
Karissa Conrad: Machine-body frameworks and implications for sport consciousness and athlete health
Nyza Faustine Munar Chan: Muscle concern: Exploring the effects of bodybuilding on self-confidence

11.50 AM: Sports Governance: Remedies for change

Audio from the session

Mike McNamee: Sport integrity: Past, present, future
Sabrina Furtado: Governance in national sport organizations: The perspective of modernization
Grzegorz Botwina: Code of Good Governance and Academy of Sport Management: Tools for reform of sport in Poland.
Simon Gardiner: Definitional clarity of sports-related corruption

11.50 AM: Raising the game for journalism (1): Investigating in the shades of football

Audio from the session

Tariq Panja: Navigating the muddy waters of global soccer - finding facts in sea fiction 
Jeppe Laursen Brock: Are big clubs immune to revelations? Experiences from Football Leaks

2.15 PM: Broken Trust: Movie and talks

Audio from the session

Jill Yesko: Movie "Broken Trust: Ending Athlete Abuse"
Andrea Florence de Mello Aguiar: Project CARE: Professional athletes’ childhood experiences in sport
Sheree Bekker & Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu: Negotiating silence and secrecy: Rights-based research into intentional gendered violence in sport
Lone Hansen: Building sustainable elite sport environments through the voice of athletes
Nikki Dryden: Panellist

2.15 PM: Benchmarking sports governance: Fresh facts from federations in six countries

Video was unfortunately cut short, and only captured the last part of the session. It therefore only includes presentations from Ryan Gauthier, Anatoli Korepanov and the panel discussion.

Audio from the session

Daryl Adair: National Sports Governance Observer in Australia
Spencer Harris: National Sports Governance Observer in the U.S.
Edvinas Eimontas: National Sports Governance Observer in Lithuania
Ryan Gauthier: National Sports Governance Observer in Canada
Ana Maria Arias: National Sports Governance Observer in Colombia
Anatoli Korepanov: National Sports Governance Observer in Georgia

2.15 PM: Grassroot sport in the United States

Audio from the session

Chris Knoester: U.S. sports involvement patterns during youth and adulthood: Findings from the National Sports and Society Survey
Stacy Warner: Sport as medicine: Addressing delivery failures
Simon Licen: Teach your children well: Sport management v. sport for development at American universities
Manuela Gamba & Niki Mandolesi: Harry Potter Project: Magical journey between sport and affectivity
Thomas Aicher: Can we play too? The role of perceived welcomeness in sport participation

2.15 PM: Events: A world of promises

Audio from the session

Federico Darío Teijeiro: The dark side of the YOG Buenos Aires 2018: Corruption and unkept promises
Takuya Yamazaki: The Most Inclusive Games ever? Interim report on Tokyo 2020 human rights legacy
Harry-Arne Solberg: Do major sports events create the externalities they promise? A case study of the 2017 UCI World Road Cycling Championship in Bergen, Norway 
Karen Lynn Perry: Stadium Financing: A case study of the Calgary Flames full court press for a new publically funded stadium 
Christian Tolstrup Jensen: Minor – major – mega - the public celebration takes centre?

2.15 PM: Doping: Legal rights and whistleblowing

Audio from the session

Jack Anderson: The proposed national sports tribunal for Australia: An effective remedy for athletes?
Gregory Ioannidis & Howard Jacobs: Protecting athletes’ rights in anti-doping litigation: Self-regulation & judicial intervention
Kelsey Erickson: Whistleblowing: An appealing avenue for exposing and deterring doping?
Laurie Patterson: Investigating determinants of whistleblowing on doping in sport 

8 PM: Is blowing the whistle worth the risk?

Audio from the session

Bryan Fogel: ICARUS: The power of truth and the cost of being a global whistleblower
Anas Aremeyaw Anas: Going undercover in the underworld of sport
Damien Larin: Protecting whistleblowers in sport
Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanov: Panellists
Bonita Mersiades: The standard you walk past is the standard you accept

Tuesdag 15 October 2019

9 AM: Elite sport and college education in the US: A dysfunctional marriage?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Audio from the session

Bradley David Ridpath:
 Current issues and historical perspectives on American intercollegiate athletics
Karl Benson: At a cross roads - College sports in the United States 
Ceal Barry: Maybe online coursework is the answer for Division I
Carolayne Henry: NCAA Governance at the Highest Level of Intercollegiate Sport
Andrew Zimbalist: Panellist

9 AM: The global challenge of growing grassroots sports

Audio from the session

Tom Farrey: One community at a time: Creating youth-centered sports in the United States
Chris Snyder: The American development model and the USOPC
John Ryan: Building grassroots for niche American sports: An insurmountable challenge
Elizabeth Daniels: Media images of female athletes: Implications for participation
Peter Donnelly: Fetishizing Medals in Canadian Sport Policy, and Declining Participation in Youth Sport
Fernando Mezzadri: Public politics of sports in Brazil after Rio 2016: Impact on the base
Tine Rindum Teilmann: How will Denmark get 75% of its population to be physically active by 2025

11.50 AM: Concussion - Management and team doctors: Legal and ethical implications

Audio from the session

Annette Greenhow: Managing Conflicts of Interest and the Duty of Care
Tom Moffat: Panellist
Betsy Grey: Panellist

11.50 AM: Attacking abuse around the world

Audio from the session

Murali Krishnan: Abuse in Indian sports and the absence of laws
Maria Juliana Perez Tello: Colombian soccer players broke the silence
Laura Robinson: Twenty-seven years and counting: How long does it take Canada to address sexual abuse in sport
Mojca Doupona: Sexual violence in sport: The case of Slovenia

11.50 AM: Athletes in the power structures: Best practices

Audio from the session

Benjamin Bendrich: Athletes within the power structures of elite sports - Breaking the barrier of neglect
Brendan Schwab:
Maximilian Seltmann: Giving athletes veto power: Game theory and policy-making in German sport

11.50 AM: Putting sports integrity on the map

Audio from the session

Amal Ganesha: Keeping leaders away from politics: Results from the first Indonesian football governance survey
Luiz Haas: Governance in national sports organizations in Brazil - The results of the Sou do Esporte Sports Governance Award.
Mauricio Hernandez: Good Governance in elite sports in Colombia: Comparisons among athletes and executives.
Whitney Bragagnolo: Host nation risk management & addressing match-fixing for FIFA 2026 United World Cup

11.50 AM: Raising the game for journalism (2): When television dives under the surface of sport

Audio from the session

Hajo Seppelt: Challenges for investigative sports journalism in television
Josh Fine: China, human rights, and the IOC. An examination of the 2008 Games and a look ahead to 2022

2.15 PM: Workers of the Court, Unite!

Audio from the session

John Wolohan: College athletes in the US: Pros and cons of paying college athletes
Geoff Parsons: State funded athletes and their deselection: The Jess Varnish case revisited
Alex Wolf-Root: Workers of the Court, Unite! The case for college athlete unionization

2.15 PM: Mega-events: Tracking resistance

Audio from the session

Christopher T. Gaffney: The imperative necessity of a global Anti-Olympic Movement 
Ryan Gauthier: Human rights and the Olympics: Agenda 2020 five years on
Tim Lawrence Walters: Boycott Canada 2026! Defending Qatar and asking the right questions about football and the climate crisis.

2.15 PM: Building governance networks in sport

Audio from the session

Marianne Dortants: New modes of collaborate governance in sports: The case of the Dutch martial arts and combat sports authority (VA)
Sandy Adam: The quality of club governance in German professional football:– An empirical analysis and critical reflexion
Paulo Marcos Schmitt: Integrity programs in Brazilian soccer, cycling and gymnastics

3.45 PM: The new FIFA: Same, same, but different?

Jan Jensen & Andreas Selliaas: FIFA: From whitewashing to footballwashing
Bonita Mersiades: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
Miguel Poiares Maduro: Why FIFA can’t reform itself
Edward Hanover:


Wednesday 16 October 2019

9 AM: Anti-doping: What's next for WADA?

Audio from the session

Michael Ask: How to get all boats to float in the anti-doping community
Beckie Scott: Politics vs Principles - a view through the lens of anti-doping from an athletes’ perspective
Travis Tygart: 
Yuriy Ganus: 
Hajo Seppelt: The Russian doping scandal from a media perspective
Witold Banka (tbc): Skype interview

11.50 AM: Doping: Culture and perceptions

Audio from the session

Michael Pearlmutter:
 The Partnership for Clean Competition in the eco-system of anti-doping
Helen Staff: Barriers and enablers to parents’ clean sport behaviors
Siena Araceli Morgan: Perceptions of anti-doping policy among collegiate coaches

11.50 AM: The waves of athlete activism

Audio from the session

Juha Kanerva:
 How an athlete’s ethical decision got the federation to rethink its values
Todd Fraley: #Morethananathlete, Kaepernick, and sports as (activist) community
Nikki Dryden: Protecting the activist athlete: The case of Hakeem Al-Araibi
Margaret MacNeill: Waves of mediated athlete activism: Revisiting the SportMedia Complex

11.50 AM: Must history repeat itself in overspending?

Audio from the session

Harry-Arne Solberg: Economic challenges of hosting major sports events: – Why history repeats itself and what to do about it?
Michael Dias Correa: The role of the audit in the prevention and detection of corruption: Evidence of 2016 Rio Olympic Games
Tim Lawrence Walters: Inventing the future (of football): Qatar 2022 and the shock doctrine

11.50 AM: Raising the game for journalism (3): The niche media: Survival or revival?

Audio from the session

Steve Maxwell: Surviving as a media platform in a niche sport
Doug DePeppe: 
Andy Brown: Is a sponsored website compatible with quality journalism?

2.15 PM: The struggle for safe sport in Canada

Audio from the session

Peter Donnelly: The failure of policy, 1996-2015
Erin Willson: The athletes' experience
Paul Melia: Challenges in developing a Pan-Canadian Safe Sport Code
Bruce Kidd: One step forward, two steps backward
Ashley Labrie: Meaningful Engagement of the Athlete Voice in Safe Sport 

2.15 PM: How to match the match-fixers

Audio from the session

Minhyeok Tak: Match-fixing monitoring system in play: Betting, data analysis technology and its effects on sport integrity
Thomas Bach: NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark's anti-match-fixing strategy: Prevention of matchfixing is the most important
Steve Menary: Does governance of friendly club matches matter?
Severin Moritzer: Match-fixing and corruption in sport – Play Fair Code: one best-case experience
Amelia Fouques: Trabzonspor at CAS: Are sports organisations serious about match-fixing? 
Mulemba Issiaka: Big fish are destroying sports games in Africa

2.15 PM: Media narratives under scrutiny

Audio from the session

Sada Reed: Lance Armstrong's hero narrative and PEDs discourse in American TV broadcasts
Brad Horn: Trust in Us: Sports organizational credibility, integrity tested in era of heightened engagement
Sabrina Razack: Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and misogynoir in sports media
Augustine Mukoka: Cape Town slap: The price of keeping African football clean

4.30 PM: Athletes, clients, criminals: Who benefits from sports betting in the USA?

Audio from the session

Anas Aremeyaw Anas:
Going undercover in the underworld of sport
Paulina Tomczyk: PROtect Integrity: What have we learnt from 10 years of educating athletes? 
Michael Bahrs: The powerlessness of investigators when match-fixing crosses the borders
Richard H. McLaren: 
Declan Hill: Red-flagging the leagues: Which U.S. sports will be the most at risk of gambling corruption 

6 PM: Conference closure

Audio from the session

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