Presentations at Play the Game 2005

Below you will find many of the presentations given at the Play the Game conference 2005.

We will continue to add presentations as we receive them and also improve the site with the title and biographies of speakers.


Adolf Ogi

Sport: A Force for Development (Text as pdf)


Alice Riis Bach

Doping, Fitness and the Changing Bodies (Text as pdf)


Andrew Jennings

FIFA - Hiding the Bribes? (Text as pdf)


Ask Vest Christiansen

New Rules of Conduct? Doping after Festina (Powerpoint as pdf)


Bob Munro

Greed vs. Good Governance in Kenyan Football  (Text as pdf)


Brian Mikkelsen

Opening Speech (Link to website)


Christine Oughton

Improving Governance: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies (Powerpoint as pdf)


Colin Tatz

Sport as a Life Saver (Text as pdf


David Hindley

A Matter of Trust? How Supporters Are Democratising Football (Powerpoint + notes as pdf)


Elliott Almond

The Balco Story: How Reporting It Changed U.S. Sports (Text as pdf)

The Balco Story: How Reporting It Changed U.S. Sports (Powerpoint as pdf)


Ezequiel F. Moores

Don Julio, the Godfather, the Argentine Behind Blatter (Text as pdf)


Fillipos Syrigos

Risking Your Life for a Sports Story (Text as pdf)


Florian Petrica

Defending the Game (Powerpoint as pdf)


Gudrun Doll-Tepper

International Year of Sport and Physical Education 2005: Crossing Hurdles from an Idea to the Finishing Line (Powerpoint as pdf)


Hai Ren

Humanistic Olympics: Where Will It Lead To? (Text as pdf)


Harry Arne Solberg

Major Sporting Events: Dealing With the Hangover (Powerpoint as pdf)

Who Are Willing to Pay for Watching TV Sport? (Powerpoint as pdf)


Henning Eichberg

Organizing Sports Around the Working Place - Some Experiences from Scandinavian Company Sport (Text as pdf)

Traditional Games: A Joker in Modern Development (Text as pdf


Jens Sejer Andersen

Rescuing Sport from Itself (Text as pdf)


Jens Weinreich
In the Wake of the ISL Collapse (Text as pdf)


Joe Phelan

Shared Goals: Sport and Business in Partnerships for Development (Powerpoint as pdf)


Jørgen Delman

The Beijing Olympics and China's Rise as a Superpower (Powerpoint as pdf


Kelli White

Why I Became a Part of the BALCO Affair (Text + Q&A as pdf)


Knut Helland

Challenging the News Ideals: Sports Journalism, Attraction and Media Rights (Powerpoint as pdf


Lars Bernhard Jørgensen

Olympic Games in Copenhagen: Illusion, Reality ... or Necessity? (Text as pdf)


Laura Robinson

Update on Canadian Hockey Abuse Scandal (Text as pdf)


Marie-Hélène Pedneau

Sport Migrations from South to North (Powerpoint + notes as pdf


Mario Goijman

Exposing Corruption in International Volleyball: A Personal Account (Text as pdf)


Martin Hedal

Not Just Couch Potatoes - The Viewers' Complex Motivation to Watch TV Sport (Powerpoint as pdf


Mary Hums

Building Corruption-Safe Sports Organizations: A Managerial Framework (Powerpoint as pdf)


Mary Nicole Nazzaro

Training China's Sports Journalists for the Future (Text as pdf


Michael Sauer

Drug Mapping and Youth Education in Cologne (Powerpoint as pdf)


Nikki Dryden

Using Human Rights Tools to Fight Systematic Doping (Text as pdf)


Olcay Canbulat

Politization of the Body, Sportsman Body: The Case Study on Turkish National Athlete Surryya Ayhan (Text as pdf)


Paul Marriott-Lloyd

UNESCO Convention: Words Without Actions? (Text as pdf)


Radu Naum

Amused to Death (Text as pdf)


Rafael Maranhão

The Boom of a Brazilian Club: Money Out of Nowhere? (Text as pdf)


Rasmus Damsgaard

THG: More Talk - Less Drug (Powerpoint as pdf)


Raymond Boyle

Sports Journalism in the Promotional Age (Text as pdf


Sandro Donati

Criminality in the International Doping Trade (Text & notes as pdf)


Sigmund Loland

Can Worldwide Testing be Effective? (Powerpoint as pdf)


Steve Menary

When Is a National Team Not a National Team (Text and powerpoint as pdf)


Terry Monnington

Sport for All in the Third World: Reality or Not?  (Text as pdf)


Thomas Søbirk Petersen

WADA's List - A Bitter Pill to Swallow (Powerpoint as pdf)


Wladimir Andreff

A Coubertobin Tax Against Muscle Drain  (Text as pdf)

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