• 01.03.2021 /
    Cricket is a growing sport in Europe and matches from new, small leagues are livestreamed all over the world. On the Indian subcontinent there is massive demand for betting on cricket, and match-fixers have been quick to capitalise on this new opportunity, reports Steve Menary.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    07.12.2020 /
    An international group working under the auspices of the Council of Europe has produced a typology that offers actors working with sports integrity a new terminology for different ways of manipulating outcomes of sports matches.
  • Photo: Mark Botham/Flickr
    By Steve Menary
    12.10.2020 /
    Organised crime is not the only driver behind match-fixing. Financial instability and unequal distribution of revenue in European football are other factors, explains Steve Menary and calls on sport authorities to help find solutions.
  • Dinamo Brest/Champions league. Photo: Steve Menay
    24.08.2020 /
    The number of new clubs entering the Champions League has fallen this season as many of the same coterie of clubs continue to dominate leagues across Europe.
  • By Steve Menary
    28.05.2020 /
    Football matches are coming back after the corona lockdown and so is match-fixing. Steve Menary outlines the problems in stemming the rise of match-fixing in friendly games between clubs: Data scouts with low integrity, lack of monitoring, and federations that do not take responsibility.
  • 04.10.2019 /
    At Play the Game 2019 professionals, journalists and academics with extensive experience in the fight against match-fixing will present and discuss the global problem of fixed sport competitions which continue to threaten the credibility of sport despite various initiatives and measures to prevent it.
  • Photo: Pixabay
    14.06.2018 /
    Potential corruption and match-fixing at the World Cup is aided by corrupt national football association officials, says Declan Hill in this 2018 FIFA World Cup curtain raiser. FIFA’s ‘often odd’ attitude towards these officials protects the fixers, he says and points to three factors that characterise matches vulnerable to match-fixing.
  • Photo: Pixabay
    26.04.2018 /
    The Independent Review Panel investigating corruption in tennis released its interim report at a press conference on Wednesday. The final report is expected later this year.

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