• 28.04.2021 /
    The CEO of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations welcomes the human rights initiative from the couple who exposed state-sponsored doping in Russia: “The human rights perspective is important for the public to realise what systematic doping means and what it does to people."
  • 19.04.2021 /
    Following the acquittal of Alex Schwazer, the former Olympic champion in 50 km race walking, by a prosecutor in Bolzano, Italians demand international sport rehabilitates Alex Schwazer and let him compete at the Tokyo Olympics.
  • 25.09.2019 /
    Bryan Fogel, director of the Oscar-winning documentary 'Icarus' will be attending Play the Game 2019 together with other key players in the international doping debate. Head of Russian anti-doping, Yuriy Ganus, has secured his visa and confirms participation side by side with his U.S. counterpart, USADA CEO Travis Tygart.
  • Michael Ask at Play the Game 2015
    02.08.2019 /
    Interview: After the controversy surrounding Russian state doping, WADA and iNADO have decided to look ahead. But according to the new iNADO chairman, Michael Ask, the powers of sport leaders and politicians in WADA are still causing suspicion of conflicts of interest. He calls for a separation of powers which should also apply to the Court of Arbitration in Sport.
  • Photo: visitcampnou/Flickr
    25.04.2019 /
    The CEO of iNADO, Graeme Steel, says that a new study on scientific integrity in anti-doping by Roger Pielke Jr. and Erik Boye raises many valid questions with respect to the current anti-doping regime, but he also has some critical viewpoints.
  • Science -lab _doping _Philippe Delavie _Pixabay
    25.04.2019 /
    A new research paper launches critique of the current anti-doping system and calls the regulation under WADA ‘arbitrary and too often not grounded in a solid foundation of evidence’. But while scientific rigor and robustness are of primary importance to WADA, there is more to managing an anti-doping case than science, says WADA, commenting on the critique.
  • FIS Nordic WC
    By Andreas Selliaas
    06.03.2019 /
    There is an old saying that doping is an intelligence test – only the stupid get caught. This might be so, but we should also question the intelligence of followers and fans of sports every time they get surprised when new doping scandals occur.
  • Richard Pound Play the Game 2017
    21.02.2019 /
    The world of sport is better off with WADA in it than without it, says former WADA president Dick Pound in an interview with Danish newspaper, looking back at achievements and disappointments from the first 20 years of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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